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We wet shavers have many wonderful decisions to make for our “Spa Day”. Which razor and blade combo, badger or boar brush, bowl or face lather… well you get where I am going. I find making these decisions to be a great part of the enjoyment I find as a wet shaver.

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The choice of soap, for me, is really at the center of my choices. Possibly this is because I have a greater number of soap options in my collection than any other category of products. Let’s talk shaving soap, are you with me?

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Let’s say you have decided to go shopping on the internet for some new shaving soaps to add to your collection. How do you decide what to purchase? How do you make your final choice?

I find the scent to be my first consideration when shopping for soaps. Scents ignite great memories and sensations for each of us. But if you can not actually smell the soap what else draws you to a certain soap?

With all of the above, let’s talk about one of my favorite artisan soap makers, Soap Commander. I learned about Soap Commander from the Facebook group, ‘Shave the Man’. If you are interested in a great group of wet shavers, check them out. Back to Soap Commander.

I love the products Darren and Carrie Seibert and crew have created, but why? What seems to make them stand out in a world with hundreds of great choices all competing for your attention?Let  me share the impact Soap Commander has made upon me and my obsession with wet shaving.

The first impact I felt with Soap Commander were the words they have chosen for their business and products. Soap Commander grabs your attention instantly. The name evokes strength, leadership and power. The words do not stop with the business name. Their products carry on the intensity of words with product titles like Endurance, Courage and Passion, to name just a few. These carefully chosen words create emotions and sensations in each person shopping for shaving soaps and other Soap Commander products. The pen is mightier than the sword is a really excellent description of the impact of the words used for their products.

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When I make an order with anyone I have to admit I do not want to wait weeks for my products to arrive. Soap Commander takes care of that concern by shipping with Priority Express Mail. Your see your products in three or four days AND if you spend over $50.00 your shipping is free! These actions show Soap Commander cares about their customers and takes good care of them.

The excitement is always high when my order arrives and the first item to greet me upon opening the box is a wonderful hand written thank you note from either Darren or Carrie. Why does this even merit a comment? Because their thank you notes are not just quick one liners. No, they take the time to write a truly gracious thank you note which makes me feel even stronger about being part of Soap Commander. The business card included is the frosting on the cake and ties together the package. Every strong marketing program also includes a tag line and Soap Commander does not miss the mark with their ‘Take Charge’ statement. We all want to take charge of our wet shaving ‘Spa Days’, don’t you agree?

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Lets jump right in the middle of some of the soaps. The first thing you will quickly realize is Soap Commander does not have a single scent which is not fantastic. They have perfected the skill of creating alluring olfactory stimulations (smells) which are incredibly sensual, yes I said sensual. Opening a new soap, placing my nose close to the surface and slowly drawing in a very deep breath allows the total excitement of the intertwining scents to completely erupt. I see your smiling. You know exactly what I am talking about!

The soap container itself is another plus to Soap Commander. What I am talking about is some soap makers use containers that when opened you find the soap is to the very top of the container. Now this may sound a bit petty, but when I load my brush from a completely filed container the resulting lather has no where to go but down the sides of the container. I end up holding the container sideways and over a lather bowl to catch all of the precious soap. I admit, I use a massive 30mm silver tip badger brush, but I find with the Soap Commander container, which is usually filled to about 3/4 of an inch from the top, is perfect for easily creating a loaded brush.

Soap Commander Container

The lather created by a Soap Commander is nothing short of perfection. Whether you face lather or bowl lather, the thick creamy soap provides wonderful slickness and a shave-ability which is certainly among the best in the industry. With out a doubt, Soap Commander needs to be on your radar for a great soap value. And don’t forget they have other great products such as aftershave balms and body soaps. I will talk about some of them in a future blog.

I want to make one last comment about Soap Commander. This last comment is personal. I am a very old military veteran and Soap Commander offers veterans a nice discount. This is something special Darren does for us. I, personally, can not thank you enough. I know you are a Navy veteran and from me, Welcome Home.

Soap Commander is an artisan soap maker who does a fantastic job of taking care of their customers. I can not recommend them highly enough for all of their products.

So, what do you value in a shaving soap? What do you look for in an artisan soap? We belong to a fantastic wet shaving community and your comments and suggestion are so valuable to our everyday experience of this wonderful hobby. So please chime in with your thoughts.

I hope you continue to enjoy your ‘Spa Day’ experience and I look forward to chatting again with you in future blogs.

Gary F. Martin

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